We know that dealing with roof damage and navigating through the insurance claim process can be one of the most stressful times. Need not worry, we can help! Rain Guard Roofs have been working directly with insurance companies for over a decade and understand the processes that guarantee you a smooth claim. Take some tips from our experience:

Step 1

Assess the damage

Inspecting your roof system for damage after a storm can help you determine the scope of any insured losses before contacting your insurance provider to start a claim.

Step 2

Get a quote

Even though the insurance adjuster has the final say, don't rely on them to determine the cost. Get an estimate from a professional roofing contractor who will be performing all aspects. Make sure that any contact information is included in the written estimate and has been verified by checking out with local listings.

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Step 3

Check your policy

Check your policy and determine what kind of damage can be covered by homeowners’ insurance and which ones are not. Most policies will cover losses from natural disasters like rainstorms but not gradual deterioration due to wear-and-tear on roof over time.

Step 4

Keep documentation

To ensure approval of your claim, you must keep records and photos that document the repairs. You should take pictures or videos immediately after the damage has occurred as well as a written description. These types of information are needed when you submit paperwork later on. Also make sure to notify insurance companies promptly when damage occurs so they can commence any investigation needed.

Step 5

Find a reliable contractor

Get a professional roofing company to help you. Work with roofing specialists who will be able to provide expert advice and recommendations.

Speak to us today and get comprehensive consultation and inspection to help determine the condition of any existing damages on your roof before they become serious. Rain Guard Roofs guarantees cost-effective solutions while saving you money, time, and energy.

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