We at Rain Guard Roof want to help you make your next roofing project a reality. We offer various financing options, work within your budget, and get the job done right the first time without compromising the quality and aesthetics you need!

  • Roof Installation, Repair, and Replacement Cost

    The cost of roof installation, structural repair, and roof replacement depends on several factors and vary greatly depending on what exactly is needed:

    • The roof size, type, style, and complexity
    • The roof materials and designs
    • The roofing contractor labor costs
    • Your geographical area

    Several roof financing options are available to help cover the costs, including home insurance, personal loans, and more.

    Paying with Insurance

    Banks usually need homeowners to have insurance as a part of the condition to a mortgage - this protects them from financial loss due to fire, natural disaster, or other damage. Contact your home insurance company and get assessed if you are eligible and find out how much of the damage is covered and how the process works.

  • Personal Loans

    A personal loan with a competitive rate for home improvement can also help you finance your roof replacement or repair cost. The interest rates charged depend mainly on credit scores and history.

    Roofing Company Financing

    Large roofing replacement companies offer financing options that allow you to pay low monthly payments and interest rates depending on your payment terms and credit history. We make every process quick and easy for you. Rain Guard Roofs offers:

    • Quick Approval Process
    • Low-interest rate (may be subject to credit approval)
    • Flexible payment terms¬†
    • Easy electronic funding methods: debit or credit cards

    Get a comprehensive consultation and evaluation of your roof condition today! Call us or book straight from our website!

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  • Financing up to $250,000 for Home Improvement

    Getting the money you need for your next home improvement project made simple. View, Compare and Apply in seconds without affecting your credit score. It's that easy!


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